Suri Has Some Serious Competition

You know, I was this close to dressing as Suri for Halloween, but I get cold in the bones easily and don’t want to run around without a coat on. And then I saw this fancy little bitch…

Katherine Heigl‘s daughter Naleigh has totally got the Princess Halloween Ho whose face-painter obviously had a heart attack mid-way through, covered.

With all due respect to Naleigh though, fuck her howevermuchitcost Toddlers & Tiaras dress. It will never compete with the bumble bee costume my Mum made for me in junior school. Yes, the wings were wonkier than Kirsten Stewart‘s eye and it was so short that I’m pretty sure I gifted everyone my baby moose knuckle – but I still won a mutli-pack of Marathons (before they became Snickers), when I took 2nd place in the Class Halloween Costume Contest.

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