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And In Today’s ‘You Forgot Your Shirt’…

Here’s some pics from the blokey version of Showgirls starring Channing Tatum with lickable waxed nipples - Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike - dubbed by MTV as “the male eye candy movie event of the year“. Basically it’s a male stripper epic and it better be full of dressing room dick-slapping and cruising seedy bars for an extra scratch or we’re not paying for a ticket.

Look, it’s the Showguys!

Nothing Speeds Up The Horny Like One Direction

This picture of One Direction and JLS on last night’s Shitfix Factor makes us wish our nose was smashed up against the backseat window of a tour bus while our glitter hole was gang-banged to boyband heaven – leaving us with a glistening twinkle of orgasm in our eyes. The same twinkle you get after you’ve filled your wild body with booze and then gatecrashed a young twink’s birthday party so you can sample a few COCKtail chasers.

We’ll deal with the facial expression sponsored by neat gin, cheap poppers and cold regret the morning after.

Aww Together Now: Random Hot Sluts With Cute Animals

Pics of hot guys with their furry friends is always guaranteed to make your heart say Aww and your no-no wet itself in all the places that matter.

So here, hot guys with their furry friends thanks to those lovely people at The Berry.