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A Nicole Scherminger Thought For The Day…

Why is it that Henna tatts on your arse and thighs always look like you forgot to use toilet paper and wash your hands?

RiRi In “Drop Dead Fred Meets A Sun-In Bottle” Hair.

This is RiRi barbecuing her cutlets in a holiday snap taken from her personal album which she recently shared on Facebook. The truth is, RiRi’s big butch lady friend (who looks like Claire Powell from Can Associates, if she dyed her hair black and added a stone) is not turning us on AT ALL with that feeble

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Where Was Her Lady-In-Waiting, Jodie Marsh?

Camilla Parker Bowles (aka the THIRD PERSON) is looking behind her shades at that traditional Maasai necklace (given to her as a gift during a trip of Tanzania), the way you do when someone brings you a really nice gift to a dinner party. It’s the look that says, ‘would it have killed you to

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Dazed & Confused (too easily)

Kate Moss at the Dazed & Confused party at the W Hotel in London, to celebrate 20 years of…well, Kate Moss in Dazed & Confused. Anyway, here she is with two humans as crutches/holdmeups to keep her from spilling any of that goblet of wine. Piss and head.

It’s A Girl! Kelly Ruins It For Everyone.

Did you know the sex of the golden child in Beyo‘s sacred womb? Naw, neither did we. But thanks to Kelly Rowland, (cancel the glitter canons), we do now. In an interview with People, the CrapFactor judge accidentally farted out: “I have no idea what I’m going to buy Beyoncé at the baby shower because Jay

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Britney and Jason. Possibly NOT Their Best Shot

Britney has a face only a back alley pharmacist could love. Whereas Jason has an expression that says, ‘come, take this little dolly and sit in the corner while I make you drink a funny-tasting milkshake and stroke your hair’. Yeah, he’s totally drugging us with his eyes.

Tell The Truth…

Kelly is still booking appointments with her back alley gastric band doctor so she can stay thin and be kept on as the face of “Material Girl”, a range which is ONLY FUCKING sold in Macy‘s! As for the hot pocket topic known as Lola‘s caterpillar eyebrows, thank god Vadge finally allowed her daughter to

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So What? Who Cares?

Lily Allen twatted this pic above with the message, “Me, bump and pumpkin, i did it last night during xfactor”. The only thing we have to say about this is she’s either knocked up, or bloated and needs a good fart.  

Chaz Bono Comes As A Dude For Halloween Party

Just in case you haven’t already taken a lemon-scented wet wipe to erase the name CHASTITY BONO from your memory…this should make you do it now. CHAZ would like everyone to know there is NO “tity” in his name and he can dress like a dude for Halloween if he wants to. Shame his face looks like he’s

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Patricia Arquette: Classy Is As Classy Does

Fag in mouth, autograph in hand….fame doesn’t come much classier than this. But what’s with the Sharon Gless look?

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