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Kitty’s Camel Hoof. Be Very Afraid

Just like that, an unlikely and worthy challenger has emerged in the Camel Toe Stampede and is ready to snatch away that crown from Jessie J! Start stomping those toes, ladies! We give you……..KITTY!   We pity the children who probably were in need after her performance at Bluewater for the charity on Saturday. In need of a good eyeball

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Chaz Bono Comes As A Dude For Halloween Party

Just in case you haven’t already taken a lemon-scented wet wipe to erase the name CHASTITY BONO from your memory…this should make you do it now. CHAZ would like everyone to know there is NO “tity” in his name and he can dress like a dude for Halloween if he wants to. Shame his face looks like he’s

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Noms For Moët British Independent Film Awards Announced

The nominations and jury members for the 14th annual Moët British Independent Film Awards were announced today. Joint Directors of the awards, Johanna von Fischer & Tessa Collinson said: “This year’s nominees really highlight the immense wealth of British talent in this country today.  We are incredibly proud that the Awards have grown to a level that

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Another Reason To Love Tara Reid

We don’t only love Tara Reid because she can charm a beer hose at a bar into slithering towards her mouth, but also because she completely just pulls shit right out of her ass like this…. It’s totally the first time Jedward have ever seen a pair of tits live and in person too, albeit tits which

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And We Pray For Kerry…

This is like a production of Phantom of the Opera with Brigitte Nielsen in the starring role as a vampire who cuts the dried blood she snorts up with diamond dust. Kerry Katona is totally what the Phantom would look like if she got a makeover at a MAC counter. Followed by botox.

Scenes From Our Dreams…

…..but the Kitty and Sami lesbian kiss just needs a tad more tongue and dry scissoring.

No, No, And No

Not every international cuntress has the luxury of snapping her fingers and ordering her team of blind stylists to make her a two-of-a-kind creation that looks like she rolled in someone’s garden hedge wearing one of Cher‘s old wigs she got from a charity shop. But let’s forget Kim Kardashicunt for a moment. Let’s focus

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The Gypsy Ho Brings It On Crap Factor

Cher Lloyd, Britain’s favourite gypsy – famous for pretending to be one of Cheryl Cole‘s eyebrows – turned up on the Crap Factor last night to perform her new single “With Your Love”. Evil lives in our hearts so we’re allowed to laugh at the dress she wore, which was probably made by Thelma Madine, My Big

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CrapFactor: It Should’ve Been You Frankie!

There was Nicole Scherminger in bare feet rolling her vagina flaps around the stage like a bitch on heat; Misha B bringing “Fresh Prince of Bel HAIR” back into 2011 crossed with the second coming of Nicki Minaj; and a really crap boy band who can’t sing making folk who are too young to orgasm run

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LiLo Is Posing For Playboy

Yes, you read the word “Playboy” correctly. Not PlayPIG or PlayDOG. PLAYBOY. LiLo has been looking like she trolled through a cemetery, dug up the grave of someone whose been dead since the 1800s and then stole the rags (and tips on make-up) right off of their bones, of late. But now the actr….oh hang

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