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Kate Lawson – Showbiz-i’s Founder and Fashion Editor

An alumni of The London College of Fashion, having gained a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion – Kate has worked for Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, Hussein Chalayan, Ghost, John Rocha, Ozwald Boateng, Kookai and the late Alexander McQueen.

From the Lido in Paris and Shakespeare’s Globe in London for Vivienne Westwood’s Gold & Red Label shows – to assisting uber stylist Katie Grand with McQueen’s ‘Joan’ which featured a ghostly bondage-clad model as Joan of Arc in a ring of fire – to the now iconic PFW A/W ’06 show which saw Kate Moss projected as a hologram – Kate has worked behind the scenes (and front of house) for some of the most influential, unique and avant-garde designers in the industry.

Oh, and you may have even seen her in front of the camera broadcasting all the latest trends and visions from the world’s catwalks for Planet Fashion TV.

Kate has also worked as a PR for Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures helping with various movie publicity campaigns and working alongside talent. She also helped to create the first official UK Star Trek website, launch the ’Enterprise‘ series to the UK market and publicise the first ever Star Trek Franchise DVD series – ‘Next Generation’.

And if fashion and film weren’t enough – Kate also worked as a music PR for Chrysalis and Virgin Records, working alongside a host of artists on album launch campaigns and tours; including Janet Jackson, Air, Daft Punk, Lenny Kravitz, Gorillaz, The Spice Girls, Blue and Billie Piper.

In 2009 Kate created this marvelush gossip site and in 2010 she’s a busy little Freelance Fashion & Music PR for a variety of well known clients – a Freelance Fashion Writer for various online outlets and Showbiz-i’s Managing Editor and Fashion Editor. Follow Kate @katelawson_ frostmagazine.com and at ‘Heartifb.com

Karen Krizanovich – ‘The Movienista’ – Film Editor

Karen is a writer, radio and TV broadcaster, American voiceover artist and presenter based in London. With an MBA in Film Finance, she is active in script development and currently writes about film, film business, film news and breaking trends – on the page, online and across all broadcast media. A member of the exclusive London Film Critics’ Circle and the international film critics’ association FIPRESCI, Karen’s print reviews appear in The Radio Times. Those, and her previous work for Empire and the short-lived FilmStar, are aggregated at Rotten Tomatoes. She also reviews for BBC TV News’ ‘Film 24′.

Her articles have appeared in The Sunday TimesThe Independent on SundayGQ, and Cosmopolitan among many others. Her recent broadcasts include ITV’s ‘This Morning’, Radio 4′s ‘Woman’s Hour’ and BBC2′s ‘The Review Show’.

Karen has appeared on over 50 different TV shows, including CNN and Newsnight. (An incomplete list exists at the IMDb.) Karen also researched and presented an original documentary about Hollywood’s first fitness/beauty expert Sylvia of Hollywood for BBC Radio 4 through Whistledown Productions.

The author of upcoming book ‘Be Nice To Men’, Karen is the ex-Agony Aunt of Sky Magazine’s must-read back page and remains a relationship guru to the media. She’s also an accredited personal trainer who writes the world’s first comedy-fitness column, ‘The Last Word’, for the UK magazine Women’s Running.

Karen tweets for Showbiz-i.com @TheMovienista conjoined with @Krizanovich and her personal archives are www.krizanovich.com.

Stephen Unwin – Showbiz-i’s Glitterati Baby

A showbiz & sleb writer, working for Heat and OK magazine amongst other must-read mags – Stephen equals uber funny, uber hot and uber everything else beginning with uber..and (c) and (d).

Rhys Bentley – Men’s Fashion & Beauty Writer

Meet Mr “I know everything there is to know about men’s fashion and beauty”, which is why we made him our men’s fashion & beauty writer. Natch. Expect to see him clad top to toe in All Saints and smelling of something uber chic and expensive from Selfridges boy spritzer counters…and he’s the queen of faux tans! He’s also quite hot *swoon* and can finish a bottle of Champers quicker than you can say “taxi to Soho House please”. Follow Rhys @rhys_bentley

Ryan Slade – Showbiz Gossip

Ryan is the type who makes all the boys and girls sigh and mouth elephant juice *supermod much?*. A copywriter and blogger, Ryan is also a London College of Fashion alumni (like our Ed) and not only talks the talk and walks the walk (unless he’s had one too many cocktails) he’s also a sleb gossip sponge – so we’re wringing him out right here to bring you all the latest fodder, natch! Follow Ryan @Ryan_London and eatpaylive.blogspot.com

Catherine Balavage – Hollywood Gossip

An Actress, having starred in Wolfman and Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (to name but a few, see IMDB for more info on just how fabulous she is), Catherine is also a writer and the editor of Frostmagazine.com. For the insider gossip on Hollywood and to fuel your appetite for all things celebrity…don’t miss her writing exclusively for showbiz-i (we’re just NOT worthy!!). Follow Catherine @Balavage


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