Jocelyn Wildenstein has a face again..sort of

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s face used to serve as a *warning* to never go too far with the ole’ surgery knife and every other cosmetic procedure which could turn you from a completely normal looking person; into one of Leigh Francis’ rubber-faced caricatures on Bo Selecta.

Forget Heidi Montag’s near-Wildenstein 10-ops in one day or the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ frozen faces with that group-bunnies-in-the-headlights-look; Wildenstein beats ‘em all; undergoing more cheek implants and brow lifts than is humanely possible. Which should actually mean her eyebrows ARE her hairline now – and as for those cutlets, Madge anyone? ( we jest of course, J’ADR the material bitch).

But now scary has become…..well….still scary…but not as much; as Wildenstein has gone and done that reverse surgery thing and ditched outlandish for normal (sort of) and actually looks, dare we say it, pretty…in a heavily surgically altered way. 

This is not the natural look…but between looking like a freak-show chained to a post at the circus that people throw coins at (Katie Price anyone?)….or looking like enhanced (ahem) Britt Eklund minus a few years (and what the hell is going on with Britt’s lips?!!)…we’re able to look at Jocelyn now without screaming.

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  1. KK says:

    Nice recovery, Jocleyn! You give us all hope!

  2. corbie says:

    oh pleassssseeeeee, this woman can reverse her face all she wants, she’ll still look like Heidi Montag’s taught nipples. x

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