Angelina Comic Book is really, really good. *sniggers*

This is Megan Fox right? No? WTF?!

It’s taken us all of…well….5 minutes to stop laughing at this Angelina Jolie comic book, which has all the makings of a blind art student trying to make some spare cash to help him see again; and when he does….he’ll want to re-do this character pic we think.

The new comic is ‘the biography of a modern-day sex symbol, coming to life in technicolor’. Apparently.

Hang on, we’ve just got to laugh again. *laughs and wipes eyes*

Independent comic company Bluewater Productions has decided to feature the “movie star, defender of human rights, tireless mother and tabloid fodder” as the latest sleb addition to its animated biography series, Female Force.

We’re just wondering if they’re going to incorporate the snogging her brother, wearing vials of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood, vadge-raider fests and off-set banging someone else’s not-quite-separated hubby into the bumper edition?

We can’t wait for the first edition, which features the adventures of Ange Pout’s lips rescuing some needy children from various parts of the world, with just a giant net attached to her gums. Amazing.

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