Most obvious NOT MILEY picture ever??!

The word of the day today is ‘retards’, which refers to people who ACTUALLY believed this picture of an imposter Miley Cyrus WAS the real Miley. Stupid much?

The supposed nekkid pic of the singer and hottest piece of trailer trash in lil’ ole rednecks-ville, has been revealed as a fake. *shock face* So all you trouser fiddlers who have spent all night with your hands down your pants getting off to who you thought was Miley; you’ve actually been jerking off to a random girl with a pointy nose and bad hair, who just likes to show her vajeen.

Apparently the person who made-up the story and sold it to the gossip spreaders (who must have all been pissed when they leaked it to the internet and are only now realising the picture was in fact of a NOBODY), has now released a story announcing the whole thing as a fake. No, really?!!

The originator of the story admits the picture is of a ‘random 19-year-old girl from London who goes around taking all sorts of photos telling guys she is a Miley look-a-like.’

Erm, we have news for random girl who thinks she looks like Miley. YOU DON’T. Oh, and you need to GET A PROPER JOB.

And there we were all excited over seeing Miley’s badly stuffed kebab (with hot diggity dawg sauce)…NOT.

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