Dannii gives apology live on air

Mon 12 Oct 2009

Poor Dannii Minogue,  what was meant to be a jokey throw-away comment about Danyl Johnson’s open bisexuality has come back to hit her right in the chops!

The X-Factor judge made a barbed remark on Saturday’s first live show in reference to Danyl’s performance of Jennifer Hudson’s ‘And I am Telling You’, in which he replaced the lyrics about a man to a woman.

You could almost see the pearls of sweat dripping off Dannii as she watched the tumbleweed roll around her in the silence that followed whilst Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Danyl himself, not to mention the live studio audience held their breath in utter dismay!

The comment sparked controversy in various tabloids yesterday morning and caused Dannii to apologise live on air in last night’s results show. In her apology she said “Last night was a crazy night. “I just want to say sorry to anyone that I may have offended with my comments. They were only said with humour. Danyl was definitely not upset.” Simon Cowell even stepped in to defend her saying “Dannii is the last person in the world who would ever do anything offensive”.

It seems the apology may not be enough, with some tabloids reporting today that thousands of viewer complaints on the night called for her to be ’sacked’.

Is doing an interview with a daily tabloid about your bisexuality not ‘publicly outing yourself’? It’s a shame that the whole saga has brought more attention to Danyl’s performance on Saturday and completely overshadowed the amazing Stacey Soloman and Jamie ‘Afro’ who have the likeability factor unlike arrogant Johnson.

Go Team Dannii!



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