Lo on the Bro?

Sat 26 Sep 2009

According to reports in today’s press, BB execs are in talks with Lindsay Lohan’s management to try and secure the LA wild child’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother next year.

C4 is pulling out all the stops to make the last Celebrity Big Bro the show to top all shows with a host of A-list (as opposed to Z-list) showbiz names approached to take part. The show starts in January 2010….so watch this space…i’ll have all the latest here…if Lindsay does take part, we’re guaranteed a few hi’s and lo’s! (get it) ;-)

If anyone from C4 reads this, please can you just stick all the worst housemates from previous Celeb BB shows in the house for the last show..like Vanessa Feltz , Michael Barrymore and Les Dennis..we loved seeing their breakdowns..and throw in the Hoff with a couple of bottles of Voddie too…celebs on the edge are always more fun to watch ;-)

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