Sun 25 Oct 2009

Mr Trouser-snake almost entertained an un-invited house guest last week as a homeless person was arrested on his property, claiming to be a friend of the star.

The transient, named Karen McNeil, was described by Timberlake as “a heavyset white female, approximately 50 years of age” ….also known as a completely crazed celebrity stalker who’s tried to break into his home three times now!

Timberlake has won a restraining order against McNeil who may not go within 100 yards of his luxury home, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem as she’s currently being held in psychiatric custody!

Fans eh! ;-)


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Thurs 15 Oct 2009

Oh no Lilo’s at it again…arguing with Sam Ronson that is…this time on Twitter for everyone to see! Check out this lovely little collection of tweets below…looks like the love affair between this couple is over….until the next time they get back together..again!



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