Sat 17 Oct 2009

It’s every woman’s nightmare..turning up at a party wearing the same dress as someone else…easy if you shop at Primark..not so if you prefer something a little more top end of the stylista budget.

So imagine turning up wearing the same dress as someone else who is also significantly younger than you….bitch I hear you shout! scenes currently being shot for the SATC Movie Sequel, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is up-staged by teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus who makes a guest appearance at a premiere of the new film by Smith, Samantha’s hot bit of male candy.

So how does Samantha, the queen of uber cool put-downs and smut handle the situation?…..she doesn’t…before she gets time to run the paps catch her full on as gay best friend Anthony Marentino hollers “Mother of God, she’s wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana! Priceless.


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SATC 2….update

Tues 29 Sep 2009

Every girl in the UK (or as many as possible) will be at the cinema on May 28, 2010…why?  Because the eagerly awaited follow-up to the Sex and the City movie is released.  It was inevitable there would be a sequel, with the first film grossing $412.6 million at the box office worldwide.

It’s the rom-com series we all became addicted to, waiting with baited breath for Carrie’s theories on love and life at the end of each episode and laughing at Samantha’s x-rated shenanigans with every New York toyboy in sight!

Scenes are currently being shot in the US with the original cast of  SJP, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all returning, despite rumours of a rift whilst filming the first movie. Jennifer Hudson and Chris Noth (Mr Big) also appear with teen pop sensation Miley Cirus making a guest appearance.  

Recent filming has revealed shots of the cast dressed in 80s gear, with SJP looking not dissimilar to a young Madonna, in rara skirt, lace bodice, leggings and hair scrunchies. Cattrall (Samantha) has even been spotted filming in a wedding dress, hotting up the rumours that she marries toyboy boyfriend Smith (Jason Lewis).

Will Carrie and Big be living happily ever after?? Whatever the plot, we’re all in for another fabulous peek at the lives of our four favourite women, with a wardrobe  to-die-for and fantasy lifestyle we all wish we lived.  Watch out for Sex and the City 2 in 2010 and keep checking here for updates!

full sex and the city 2 cast











Carrie, sorry, Showbiz-i ;-)

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