Tues 13 Oct 2009

Remember how frightened you were after The Blair Witch Project, so scared that you couldn’t go camping for ages? Well now get used to sleeping with one eye open, as a new low-budget movie has taken the US by storm,  taking $7billion in its first weekend at the box office, showing in just 160 select screens.

‘Paranomal Activity’  features a cast of unknowns and cost just $15,000 to make 3 years ago. The film is directed by Oren Peli who shot the footage in his own home and to date the film has only shown at college campuses across the US and a few ‘Fright Festival’ screenings. However, after huge internet demand and a viral marketing campaign on the web,  the film was picked up by Paramount Pictures who are now distributing and screening it across cinemas in the US and Europe.

Speculation that the film freaked out Director Steven Spielberg has also helped it’s popularity, with reports saying a door in his home became inextricably locked from within whilst watching the film, and creeped him out so much he sent the tape bag to the director in a bin bag!

The film concentrates on a young couple who move to a starter home in San Diego in the US and soon believe that the house is possessed with a demonic presence that lurks in their bedroom at night, so they decide to catch it on camcorder. Cue shaky handheld images, lots of heavy-breathing, shadows lurking across the screen and doors slamming.

If you’re brave enough to watch the trailer below, then you’ll want to know that the film is released at the beginning of November in cinemas across the UK.


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