Derek Acorah to channel MJ!

Wed 14 Oct 2009

Ok I’ve finally stopped laughing and managed to compose myself….why..because that infamous Scouse fake psychic Derek Pakora, sorry Acorah, has threatened to entertain us by attempting to contact Wacko Jacko in a live TV seance!

No you heard it right!..Acorah will take part in an hour long special to be screened on Sky One next month, presented by Jacko fan and ex C4 presenter June Sarpong.

The 59 year old fraud (sorry can you tell Showbiz-i doesn’t rate him!)..will attempt to make contact with Jackson and ask him about his un-timely death. Shockingly Jackson’s friend Ola Ray, who appeared in the Thriller video and thinks he was taken too soon, thinks that Acorah is the right person to ask him why (what?!!).

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Anyone whose seen ‘Most Haunted’ and watched Acorah be ‘possessed’ will know it’s hilarious viewing. This twit doesn’t have a clue how to channel spirits…don’t be surprised if he finds out that Billie Jean was indeed Jacko’s lover and she was a scouser!




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